Center for Guidance & Career Counselling

The Center for Guidance and Career Counseling has been established to offer comprehensive in-house support for counseling and training sessions to students. Its primary objective is to assist students in overcoming professional and career-related challenges and provide clarity regarding their career paths. The center is dedicated to equipping students with the necessary information and guidance to make well-informed career decisions.

Campus Recruitment Training Process

In the current landscape, strong communication skills and meeting the standards set by companies have become essential for students to be employable. Recognizing this, the CRMC of our university places special emphasis on training students in these areas.

Our approach not only focuses on the functional aspects of the job but also on the technological aspects that help students progress in their careers. We have a dedicated team of in-house soft skill trainers who work towards accelerating this process. Additionally, we bring in professional trainers from the industry to provide recruitment training and take our students to the next level.

These professional trainers have been consistently making significant contributions in preparing our students for the corporate world. The primary objective of these programs is to groom students for successful interactions with companies while they are still pursuing their studies.