Prof Muralidhar Padhan

With a distinguished career that includes serving as an Associate Professor in Physics 25 years and as Principal in Govt aided degree college.Mr. Padhan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our institution. His positive attitude, pleasing personality, and strong work ethic have been hallmarks of his professional journey. Mr. Padhan is dedicated to setting and achieving goals, and his friendly and well-behaved nature makes him a respected figure among colleagues and students alike. His hobbies include staying updated by reading newspapers regularly. Proficient in English, Hindi, and Odia, he embodies a well-rounded and culturally diverse perspective. We are confident that under his leadership, AIM will continue to thrive and provide quality education to aspiring students.


Mr. Mumtaz Shariff

We are pleased to introduce Mr. Mumtaz Shariff, our newly appointed Vice-Principal at Advance Institute of Management. With a remarkable career spanning academia, journalism, and research, Mr. Shariff brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our institution. Holding a Ph.D. in Communication Systems and Development, he has published extensively in esteemed journals, emphasizing his commitment to academic excellence. Moreover, his experience as a lecturer, sub-editor, and executive editor in media organizations underscores his practical insights into the field of mass communication. Proficient in computer applications and internet savvy, Mr. Shariff is not only a dedicated educator but also a technologically adept professional. His interests in social welfare, agro-journalism, and public relations further enrich his contributions. We are confident that his dynamic approach and passion for teaching will significantly enhance our educational environment. Welcome aboard, Mr. Mumtaz Shariff!

Assistant Professor

Ms. Rosalin Patro

We are delighted to welcome our new Assistant Professor Ms. Rosalin Patro at Advance Institute of Management, who brings a wealth of practical experience to the classroom. With a background as a Commercial Associate at Tata Power (TPSODL), she has a strong foundation in data analysis, financial reporting, and presentation skills. Her projects on supply chain management and the impact of ESG scores on company performance reflect her commitment to applied learning. Coupled with her proficiency in MS Office and valuable qualities like teamwork, decision-making, and communication, she is well-equipped to inspire and educate our students effectively. We look forward to her contributions to our institution’s academic excellence.

Administrative Officer

Sucharita Pujahari

Introducing Sucharita Pujahari, our prospective Administrative Officer at the Advance Institute of Management. With a solid educational foundation, including a +3 Arts degree from Sambalpur University, and five years of experience in educational and administrative roles, Sucharita is a dedicated and skilled professional. Her proficiency extends to PGDCA, PGDIT, and CTTC, along with excellent communication skills. She possesses a dynamic personality and a strong work ethic, which align perfectly with our institution’s values. Sucharita’s determination, positive outlook, and passion for teaching and the arts make her a valuable addition to our team. We look forward to welcoming her as an integral part of AIM’s administrative department.